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Carpet Binding

We offer in-house rug binding! Our binding machine sews a polyester binding ribbon around the perimeter of the rug. We can accommodate most any custom size or shape. On average the turnaround of a custom rug is around 7-10 days  Please contact our store for more information.


Free In-Home Estimates

Not sure of quantities and supplies? Ask about our in-home estimate services. We offer FREE estimates to help with deciding what materials to order and the approximate cost. This process usually takes around 30 minutes. Please contact us for assistance. 


All of our subcontracted installers specialize in the specific type of flooring that they are working with. They are also all licensed and insured. Installation time varies depending on the size of the job. 


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2021 Lookbook

Find renewed inspiration with our new spring style themes. A fresh perspective for all of your favorite spaces.

Transitional Design

A great option for a homeowner who wants to build a room around comfort and a few well-loved, carefully chosen items.

Style 101

Complement your unique style, as well as the function of the room.

Flooring That Fits Your Life

Before you shop for new flooring, ask yourself one question: